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Flojo Mufflers

Performance Mufflers by FlojoMufflers.

FloJo® exhaust components are the newest idea to hit the automotive exhaust market in many years. They were developed as an answer to requests for an exhaust sound that was new and unique and powerful. They are reminiscent of the muscle-car era, the FloJo® line incorporates simple designs and function to deliver a smooth, clean and powerful exhaust sound from any car or light truck, including four-, six-, eight- and ten-cylinder gas engines as well as diesel engines!
FloJo® mufflers are old school technology with a new twist. The heart of the FloJo® muffler is a simple glass-packed muffler baffle. In automotive applications, two glass-packs run parallel to provide a low-resonance, throaty exhaust tone. A wide range of mufflers combine different baffle core diameters and lengths to provide several sound levels, from a big sound (loud) to a little sound (quiet.) One of the key characteristics of the FloJo® muffler is low interior noise and resonance. At idle or under acceleration, vehicle occupants enjoy an invigorating exhaust sound, yet at cruising speeds interior exhaust sound levels are extremely low, allowing passengers to visit comfortably.
The FloJo® 3 was designed primarily for diesel pickups. Three glass-pack baffles are arranged in a parallel, triangular layout, making the FloJo® 3 not only sound great, but it looks strong and powerful as well. Exhaust sounds are cleaner with less rasping and rattling noise, while interior noise levels are greatly reduced. And the FloJo® 3 looks indestructible! It looks like it belongs on a tough, heavy duty diesel truck.
The X8 was developed out of the quest for a clean new sound for vehicles with exhaust tone problems. The x-pipe in a dual exhaust system helps to scavenge while providing a smooth, balanced, clean exhaust sound. But until the X8, there was no way to accomplish the same thing on a single exhaust system.