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Bullseye Plumbing

What to you may be an alarming plumbing emergency, will be a situation we encounter on a daily basis.
We will immediately know what to do and be equipped to fix your problem fast.
There are only two things you need to know:

  1. How to turn off your main water supply
  2. How to call us. 530-538-9465

If you do have an out of control situation such as a burst pipe, you’ll need to locate the main water valve to your house and turn it off. It’s really best to know where it is and how to work it before an emergency occurs.

Then, call Bullseye Plumbing at 530-538-9465 or 530-872-7011. 

Besides being annoying and wasteful, a persistent leak can eventually cause major damage, which becomes very expensive to repair. Signs of trouble are curling vinyl flooring, loose tiles, peeling paint or chalky looking wood finish ner the shower and under sinks.


drain-trapDrain Cleaning
Kitchen and bathroom sinks drain more than just water. They handle hair, soap, grease, food scraps and more. Using a professional plumber is the best way to clear a slow or stopped drain.


disposalGarbage Disposals
Bullseye has the necessary plumbing and wiring skills to repair or replace clogged disposals. Cure troubling backups and clogs. St