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Computer Guy

Owner and technician Gary Martin graduated Chico State in 1981 with a degree in computer science. He started his own business in 1985. With a solid foundation behind all our work we offer our clients solutions for their computer issues while putting your minds at ease when your computer is in our hands. From the shell, to the processes, to the parts, we are here to resolve your problems.

Most crashing problems are caused by software errors. If you computer operated normally for awhile, and then started crashing, chances are good you have a software problem. When hardware issues arise you may be unable to start Windows; be unable to connect to the internet; you may have lost sound, or your DVD may be missing from your computer functions. Most problems can be solved with a bit of detective work.

Almost every computer user knows that, from time to time, your computer starts to run a little slower or you notice that you hard drive space is dwindling. So many people shrug this off and choose not to do anything about it. They think that itís normal to have these kinds of computer problems and that there isnít anything they can do about it. Your computer is trying to tell you somethingÖitís time for a cleaning.