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Lamb Eaters Connection Directory

This Directory wants to connect lamb eaters with their cravings; epicureans with pleasure and lamb foodies of all types with their nearest and best source!

Search Lamb Eaters Connection Directory to quickly and easily find restaurants, producers, chefs, caterers, wineries, retail outlets and others who take pride in providing or serving Fresh Local Delicious Lamb!

Lamb Eaters Connection will provide all of us with local connections to fine lamb appreciation through chefs, caterers, restaurants, and retail or farm sources. Also provided are home dining recipes, buying and cooking tips and other information such as sources for wool fiber and sheep related products and activities.

HOW AND WHY Lamb Eaters Connection Directory CAME ABOUT

"As a Sheep Producer I always have felt that there should be a better way for the essence, goodness and appreciation of lamb to be brought to the customer.

So with that in mind; the goal of this website is to develop a directory where anyone wanting to purchase lamb can quickly and easily find a local producer, retail outlet, restaurant, winery or chef that takes pride in providing or serving fresh lamb. This directory also is designed to serve as an informational network linking producers with each other to maintain inventory sources, explore marketing opportunities, and share ideas.

In getting to know each other as providers and preparers of fresh and local foods we will create a healthier and more sustainable society".

Mary Thompson ~ Sierra Farms

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