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Digestion Relief Center

Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS

A natural drug free approach to your internal health

You get relief, we get results,  Call us Today at 530-899-8741

Do you suffer from an allergy? An intolerance? How do you know whether it is environmental, food, pet or chemical related? Dr. Patrick offers relief for food sensitivities, food intolerances and chemical sensitivities without shots or drugs. He has helped thousands of Chico and Redding area residents overcome bowel problems and food sensitivites since 1999. We offer a simple, in office approach to test you for allergies, taking the guess work out of the equation…Read More...

If you find that you have abdominal bloating after meals or have excessive gas or stomach pain, your problem may be caused by incomplete digestion of starches, sugars and other carbohydrate rich foods.....  Read More... 

People  with irritable bowel syndrome try to follow an irritable bowel syndrome diet to eliminate foods that cause their bowel problems. Others are told that that they will just have to live with their IBS and irritable bowel syndromes....  Read More...

Bloating After Eating? 

Is Gluten Causing Your Bowel Problems?