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Patient's Hospital of Redding

Patient’s Hospital of Redding, CA has a new website. The site is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. A searchable physician’s directory highlights the home page. Pages include a staff directory, room description, the menu for the dining room and “Why choose PHR?”pages describing this wonderful Redding hospital. Your health and well being is important to you, when and if the time comes and you need a physicians care, Patients' Hospital of Redding should be your choice. Patient’s is an acute care hospital that specializes in surgery, pain management and other procedures.

The hospital was founded in 1992 by Dr. James Tate to provide the local northern California area with surgical hospital that would provide the highest standard for surgical care . . . a place where every need of the surgical patient would be met. The hospital is designed to ad the patient in a quick recovery. Many patients have said the hospital is their "home away from home." Every suite at PHR is a tastefully decorated, private room with a private bath. Suites offer either a mountain or courtyard view. The menu is first class and would never be confused with standard “hospital food”.

Patients’ Hospital is rated #1 in the state of California for patient satisfaction as reported on, and it has one of the lowest infection rates in the nation. With one nurse for every 2-3 patients, you will enjoy superb medical care and gourmet food while resting in your own private suite. Patient's Hospital works with most insurances, including Medicare. The new site was designed and developed by

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