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Electric Powered Scooters

There are several categories of mobility scooters and electric scooters. There are Two-wheeled models and some three-wheeled versions that look like a car. Then there are 3 and 4-wheeled versions designed for mobility.

Some electric scooters designed for mobility include Pride, Drive, Merits, and EV Rider.

Pride Electric Scooters are engineered for high quality and long lasting durability. Every electric scooter goes under extensive factory testing to ensure outstanding reliability. Pride Scooters are designed to allow you to operate them easily. With just a touch of the throttle you are on your way.

Whether your plans include a trip to the mall for a day of shopping, or an excursion in the great outdoors, Pride Electric Scooters are designed to provide unmatched performance and comfort indoors and out. The Pride line includes several models in both 3 and 4-wheel configurations.

Power wheelchairs or electric Wheel chairs are used by people who need help getting around indoors and outdoors. They usually have six wheelsand are steered by a joystick, making them a great choice for people with limited upper body strength or impaired balance. Power Chairs offer easy maneuverability in your home. They can be stored easily. They are popular because you can navigate in small spaces within your home and outside as well. Power Chairs are different than power scooters in that they are more comfortable and have a contoured back for sitting in over a long period of time. Many Power chairs also have 'Anti-tip' wheels that give them more stability than power scooters.

Whether you need a Mobility scooter, electric scooter or a Power chair or electric wheel chair find it at