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We are the best scooter store in California. You can find electric scooters, power scooters, travel scooters and mobility scooters all in one place at our store. We offer the Pride, drive and E Rider brands of mobility scooters.

Mobility Scooters are an aid assisting device designed for people with physical limitations. Anyone with a mobility limitation can take advantage of the assistance a mobility scooter provides.

Mobility scooters come in 4-wheel, 3-wheel, and 5-wheel configurations. Mobility scooters are typically powered by batteries. Unlike a wheelchair on a mobility scooter the steering is handled by a tiller.

When choosing the best Mobility Scooter to fit your needs, there are a few things you should consider.

Indoor Maneuverability
Indoor & Outdoor Versatility
Outdoor Capabilities
Increased Weight Capacity
Easy Portability
Maximum Outdoor Performance & Speed

We also carry electric wheel chairs, electric power chairs and power chairs. The following are few types of chairs we carry:

Travel power chairs This type of wheelchair is best suited for people who need outdoor mobility as well as indoor mobility. The components are lighter for portability and transportation. They are very maneuverable in crowded areas. Travel Wheelchairs are usually not intended for people who need "Full Time" mobility assistance. They also do not travel as far as other power wheelchairs.

Center Drive Power Wheelchairs are for people who need 'extreme' maneuverability for a tight turning radius area. They usually come with a captain style (larger) seat and high to medium back heights and are best for people who may need to use the chair on rougher terrain. The Center-Drive powered wheelchair is very maneuverable in tight indoor conditions, but work well outdoors as well with larger back wheels.

Call us today we are happy to help you pick out the best electric scooter or electric power chair for your needs.