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Ease Cushion

The Ease Cushion is an alternating pressure relief cushion system for wheelchairs, unique in the world and receiving heartfelt testimonies from paraplegics, quadriplegics and others confined to wheelchairs. The Ease Cushion is used and recommended by disabled doctors and nurses. The Ease Cushion is an active seating system that has alternating rows of air-filled bladders which are timed to inflate and deflate, allowing blood to flow to affected areas.

An intriguing invention with real life benefits, go see how this miracle cushion works at and why it is the best seat cushion ever for preventing bed sores and pressure sores and allowing them to finally heal. If you suffer from this situation, there is an answer to your dilemma in the Ease Cushion technology.


Pressure sore relief cushions and pressure relieving wheelchair cushion.