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Mustard Tree Ministry

A Non-Profit, Christian (Interdenominational) organization serving in Zambia, So.Central Africa. Mustard Tree Ministry is committed to addressing the hard issues of poverty, hunger, joblessness, disease and premature death that face the precious, gentle people of Central Africa.

Our ministry is based on the faith and hope; of a loving, compassionate God that has said "freely you received, freely give". As far as we're concerned, that's our marching orders, and from experience, we've learned, it most definitely is more blessed to give than to receive.

"There are tens of thousands of children suffering in Zambia. As a group, none suffer more than those with disabilities. Barbara Lund's ministry to deaf children is a critical part of God's outreach to the orphans of Zambia. We must pray for this work, and support it in every way we are able. God desires to lavish His love upon these little ones; to help them discover His caring for them, to raise them as fulfilled and productive adults, and to bring them into the security of the Body of Christ.We are grateful that the Lord has brought this work to Zambia."
Benedict Schwartz, CEO, All Kids Can Learn International, Inc.

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