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Northstate Home Inspections

Do you need a home inspection? Certified home inspectors do a thorough job of assessing the integrity of a house. They know what to look for, they recognize the signs of developing problems and will see what the untrained eye would miss. Because a qualified inspector uses a total home inspection checklist, he doesn't miss a crack or a leak. A home inspection will include a complete analysis of the systems and components of your home. It will provide you with detailed facts about the property that you are considering purchasing. You'll get a 'heads up' about any problem with the property, either present or potential, that could adversely affect your bank account down the road. Home maintenance costs can be huge and you'll want to avoid any expensive surprises before you've settled in to your new dwelling. We perform inspections on new and existing single family dwellings, multi-unit complexes, condominiums, town houses, mobile/manufactured homes, commercial properties, pools, and spas. Contact us now to find out if the property you are wanting to buy is going to be a sound investment or a money pit. A home inspection by a licensed home inspector is an indispensible step to take in the process of buying a house.

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